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12 ga is only better than M4, 5-20 yds

and even THAT limited advantage is gone if the M4 has a silencer on it. you pick up so much of an advantage, not "callling in" other enemies, not having flash at night, not flinching from the noise, not running off game, having the .22lr conversion unit, that it easily offsets the small advantage of the pattern -spread of buckshot. If you are using slugs in the 12 ga, you are are a disadvantage compared to the NOISY M4, much less the silenced one. your flash at night will ruin your night adapted vision for many minutes, so you'd better not have more than one enemy and you'd better not miss, nor fail to get MANY buck pellets into his chest.

your buckshot pattern WILL be off-center. How do I know that? cause if you were the type to take the time to get a center hit, you'd be using a rifle. you value the pattern spread BECAUSE you're not the kind of shooter who insists upon a center hit. Also, at $1 per shot for slugs and crappy shotgun triggers, you won't practice enough, so you''ll miss a lot with slugs.

when people are using cover, a standard 00 buck blast from a riot barrel, has "head-sized" holes in the buck pattern at a mere 20 yds. At 10 ft, the buck pattern is just 3" wide, so you have to aim it just as carefully as with a rifle. So why bother training with the damned thing, or even owning one, other than a .20 ga gas op auto for teaching novices to hit hand trapped clay pigeons?
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Shotgun can be a fine weapon, but as long as I get to choose the ammo I'd actually prefer the AR carbine even at the 5-20 yard range; if for no other reason than I'm much more familiar & comfortable with it.

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