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Siefried's test of shotgun skill

was start with the gun not shouldered, "high ready, as in International skeet, finger out of the guard, safety engaged. Upon signal, shoulder the gun, hit a clay pigeon on a post at 25 yds, swing 90 degrees and hit another such target, all in 1.0 second on an electonic timer, responding to the beep of the timer. Think you can do it? TRY it. You'll have to get the first hit in no more than .70 second, or you won't get the second one (in time)

Reliably, that is, not just one fluke "run". Get an average time for 5 attempts. Guys like Garand will take well over 2 seconds for the same thing. :-) Like running the 100 yd dash in 20 seconds instead of in 10 seconds. One is world class, the other is hopping on one leg. Recall that just reacting and firing an aimed in gun takes .20 second. So to shoulder the gun, align on the target and get the hit, in an additional .50 second, that's MOVING, man. So is swinging the gun 90 degrees, stopping it on the second target and getting the hit in just an additional .30 second

given that the pattern spread is 2-3 ft wide at 25 yds, depending upon the choke and the pellet size, this is easier than hitting a torso with a rifle and THAT can be done in litlte, if any more time. But such rifle performance is so far beyond the average that most would say that it's impossible, until somebody like Miculek shows them that it's not. When you consider that the rifle can be silenced, can have subsonic .22's for foraging, can reach 1/4 mile, has lighter, more compact ammo, is usable one handed, has luminous sights and chromed bore/chamber, and is just as fast for the hits as the shotgun, hey, why bother to own the latter?

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Considering that I don't shoot skeet, how would you know what my time is??

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