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people choose 12 ga cause the lack skill

with rifle or handgun. The shotgun can't be used with one hand or concealed (ie, forte of handgun) nor does the 12 ga offer the range, penetration or mag capacity of the rifle. So it's just a toy, basically. The shotgun is all about snob appeal, the 'ability" to hit birds on the wing, (which any 12 year old girl can learn to do in one day).

Shotgunnners just HATE it when I point out these weaknesses of theirs and their choice of gun. The shotgun is not versatile at all. In fact, it's extremely limited as to utility. So much so that I'd never bother to own one, much less practice with it.
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even for indoor home defense, I"ll take a silenced shorty AR and luminous sights over a typical pump 12, any day! at the ranges likely, ie, 10 ft and less from the muzzle, the pattern spread will be 3" or so, basically no help at hitting anything, and the flash and concussion are horrific in small rooms. so while you might get one guy, you won't be able to hear the others. The shotgun is the choice of the cheapskate, which means he won't practice enough to be much good with it. guys FANTASIZE that they'll be able to GET to a longarm (soon enough) but the odds are against it). So why bother with one, other than shtf? and for shtf, the shotgun is VERY inferior to the silenced AR and .22 unit.

Cheapskate effs who choose the 12 ga would never drop the $200+ on luminous sights. :-) The reality of home defense is that you're MANY times more likely to never GET TO a longarm in time, then you are to have your pistol not be "enough gun". Most of the time, you never have to fire, so htf does the power of your gun matter, or your skill with it? but it DOES matter if you can't get it pointed at the pos (soon enough). then you DO have a problem, regardless of what gun you have.

I'm not really concerned about shtf. However, the AR can be used for hunting and competition., and it's nice to have in case Big Bro has to be dealt with, one day. Picking off some pos "leader" with a noisy shotgun aint nearly as likely to let you get away afterward, or get into place in the beginning, as a takedown, shorty autorifle with silencer. :-)

Shotgun fans just want something for clay birds, and want to "justify" the gun by pointing out the few other things that they (might) be able to do with it, none of which are any more likely than shtf, actually) I enjoy blasting gracklings and starlings out of the air (as they are coming back to their roosts in town) as much as anyone. But I do'nt kid myself that the shotgun is anything but a toy. I can always borrow one for such use. :-) One buddy has one of those 410 revolving shotguns that should be a blast for such things, but you'd have to restrict the shots to 50 ft and less. :-)

Watching the Hitchcock movie "the birds" as a little kid, I can remember thinking how much fun such a situation would be, if you had an autoloading 410. Just right for close range seagulls! :-) Of course, you'd need ear protection. this was before there were any AK's in 410, too. Man, with 20 rd box mags, what a blast that would be.

I'm not much for trapshooting, but a few rds of skeet, with a 20 ga auto, with recoil pad, is a fun outing with a pretty girl. I'm all for anything that gets the girl's blood up. :-) Not that wifey has any problem with that on a regular basis. Sparring will do it, so will a game of dodgeball, using multiple small balls. Such a passtime will really teach you where your body IS and how to move it. Loving dodgeball as a kid is what let me reach black belt levels of skill in just 7 months of training. Some things, i was black belt at just 5 months, according to my 5th Dan instructor in Korea.

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