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In canada, they accept a Babtismal Cert

instead of a birth cert, when you are "building" a new ID, this is helpful. :-) Many guys up there were born out in remote cabins and have little govt contact until they are somewhat advanced in age. :-) Also, if you are Caucasian and avoid british columbia, they want you up there and will wink at possible problems, in many cases, if you are not trying to utilize their cradle to grave "free" medical care.

It's feasible, in many areas, to garden and hunt/fish for sustenance, and trap furbearers and use a small dredge to "pan" gold for your cash needs. It would be a very lonely life, most likely, unless you married an Indian gal, but it would beat doing 20 years in prison, starting at age 50! :-) You can always self-surrender when your health fails and let the prison system provide your health "care". It'll be about as "good" as obamacare will be in a few years (IF Trump can't get it repealed).

If you are REALLY being hunted, you need to pay 1-2k cash, each time, to half a dozen cosmetic surgeons in Mexico, spread out over a year, letting yourself heal up each time, so that nobody has a before and after pic of you. Dont use a general anesthetic until the last, big deal (ie, nose) and have your pistol, AP ammo and armor with you until the "big one". Getting a Paris lip, chopping off your earlobes, getting a Kirk Douglas Dimple in your chin, having a hair graft done,(or shaving your head) growing a hitler mustache, shaving your eyebrows, having a "hook" of septum removed, having botox injections, all add up to really looking different. Yet each is a quick, local anesthesia, minor deal, low cost.
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Okay, what crap have you been either watching or reading? Your knowledge of Canada is limited to say the least. On the positive side you do know that it is located north of the 48th parallel don't you?

Each province issues a birth certificate, even Quebec. 75% of all Canadians in the last 30 years live in urban areas of the country. As for getting your face fixed, just ask any drunken native in BC, he'll pull out a knife and do it cheaply!

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