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Reliability Experience

Since the Mitchell pump is the first "Combat" shotgun I've owned, I have to say the issue Remington 870 is the only one I have a lot of experience with. The only real complaint I have on the gun is really operator error. Almost every class of new students I gave initial Firearm Instruction to would have one student manage to get a shell stuck between the bolt and the carrier. Not the guns fault but it could happen under stress even to an experienced shooter. Like Garand, my 1100 will short cycle on low brass 7 1/2" and sometimes with 6's. It works fine high brass loads. I have two Brownings, an A-5 light 12 and a Sweet Sixteen that I treasure. Both are reliable with low or high brass loads, but alas, neither is modern enough to shoot steel shot so I'm limited to Bismuth which is pricey. My Son's Winchester M1200 I can't recall malfunctioning with anything. I have shot Slugs and 00 and No.1 Buckshot through everything but the 16 gauge with no problems.
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i've seen plenty of guys short stroke pumps, levers and DA revolvers. When things get really tense, autos are more reliable than people using manually operated guns. :-)

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