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ammo and primer shortages tell the tale

of who knows what. People have no intentiion of lugging around 308/45 ammo or guns. You can still find large primers, but not small ones, rifle or pistol. Anyone who "thinks' that 223 softpoints wont blow pieces of you out on the ground is nuts. So is anyone who "thinks' that they want a non-auto, noisy gun or want to be out and about in daylight once shtf. Given the limits of night vision "reach". the shorty 223 has plenty of it Given that you can't carry more than 1/2 as much 308 ammo as you can 223, shooting at what you can't SEE (trying to pierce barriers) is stupid. you might get a few, but then you'll be out of ammo and all the noise will have called in every enemy within a mile radius, and you'll get what such stupidity deserves.

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So having a gun other than a 223 means it canít be an autoloader, it must be noisy, it must be huge. Got it.

So this gun doesn't exist apparently:

Nope; just checked the rack and itís right there. Weird.
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Melvin in my time in the service I spent weeks and months at a time in arctic and sub arctic conditions. I have also used 4 different variants of the M16/AR Platform in those conditions. Since I don't have an FN FAL, I will gladly settle on an M1 Garand for use in the winter if I am exposed to extended periods of living in the bush during the winter. There is no 1 gun solution! If you have taken precautions prior to "the balloon going up", you won't be having problems and caches could be prepared.

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