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AR, 10 hits, 1.6 seconds, 2 heads, 3 traverses.

5 yds. includes reaction time and raising the rifle. If the reaction and raise the rifle time is .35 second (he's nearly deaf and getting up there in age) and the traverses are .20 second each, that leaves just .65 second for 6 other hits. That's really getting with it. garand will never be half that fast with a pump 12 ga or lever action rifle.
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Old 07-17-2020, 09:25 AM   #2
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if you can't see the link, search youtube for miculek rifle record, 10 shots.
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Miculek is amazing.

This is also an example of the .308 not being inherently "slow". Just sayin'...

And as we all agree, muzzle energy is important. So 26,000 ft/lbs delivered, on target, that fast, is worth considering as well; compared to the less than half of that energy that the .223 would have delivered.

The .223/5.56 is my primary and will continue to be, but as your post proves, the .308 is demonstrably fast in the right hands, is more than twice as powerful with normal loads, and so is simply more capable on a round-per-round basis. No mathematical way around that. It delivers much more energy on target while (per your own post) still being plenty fast to use. Glad to see you posting positive things about the .308 caliber; it's a very versatile round.
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I like my AR-10, especially suppressed. it's accurate, and as killed a fair number of critters.

I wouldn't feel handicapped in any way using it vs one of my other ARs
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