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Terry G 07-03-2019 09:16 AM

American Eagle .22
I've never used this. Sportsman's Guide offering it for .05 a round. Any good?

John in AR 07-03-2019 10:16 AM

Had to check my spreadsheet, as I'm not smart enough anymore to remember all the details & specifics, but how it does in my guns:

100% in the ruger 22/45 and AR-22 pistol
95% in the Glock 19 AA conversion kit and Ruger 10-22
70% in the Sig Mosquito, and
60% in the Glock 26 AA conversion kit.

That's just functionally cycling, not anything to do with accuracy. (This is their 38 grain HP load; only AE rimfire load I've tested.)

For that price, I'd go with any of several other options. MiniMags are by far the most functionally reliable rimfire loads I've tested, with both the HP and solid versions running literally 100% in every gun I've tested them in. Remington Thunderbolts aren't 'premium' stuff, but they're second only to minimags reliability-wise, at least in my guns; running 100% in everything except the G26 AA kit, and they run 90% in it.

Federal's 'Game Shok' load (load #710 or 810, depending on packaging) is also very good. I've only tested it in four guns, but it ran 100% in three of them (22/45, Mosquito, and AR-22 pistol), and 97% in the G26 AA kit.

The 710/810 load can be usually had for 4-6 cents, and the thunderbolts are often less than three cents. Other than when I really want a non-plated bullet (ie, when not shooting through a suppressor), the thunderbolts have become one of my favorites, largely because they can usually be had so cheap.

Terry G 07-03-2019 04:14 PM

Thanks for checking for me John. I've got back to shooting my .22's a lot after buying the Taurus TX22. I 'll pick up their 400 rounds for $20.00 and see how they work out. I'm looking for something the TX WILL choke on. I can always can use it in revolvers. I have a lot of Mini-Mag, but after the drought I like to replace whatever I shoot just in case.

Garand 07-10-2019 01:53 PM

I have had various luck, negative in Kimber Rimfire Target Model, about 70-75% in my CMMG AR conversion kit and 100% in my Beretta M71.

Jammer Six 07-10-2019 05:28 PM

I've never had anything run 100% in a Ruger 22/45.

John in AR 07-11-2019 06:41 AM

[QUOTE=Jammer Six;292565]I've never had anything run 100% in a Ruger 22/45.[/QUOTE]
The 22/45 I had was actually the most functionally reliable .22 pistol I ever owned. It was a limited nra edition with the red upper receiver shrouding the barrel, bushnell red dot, and threaded barrel. I picked it up in 2016 but never got used to the red dot and ended up trading it off last year because I never used the gun as much as it deserved. If I did formal competitions, it would have been great, but for knocking around the woods or just playing around, I'd almost always go with the more 'normal' mosquito or one of the conversion kits.

But it was dog-nuts reliable; the only 22 pistol I've tested that ran literally 100% with every load I put in it. The only issue it had was with non-ruger magazines (made by mec-gar, but not ruger stamped), and iirc it was only an issue with the slide not locking back, not a functional (firing) issue.

But since I never used it much, never got used to the red dot on a pistol (which I now wish I had worked on more, frankly), and because I'm actually wanting to pare down the guns (and other crap) that sits around unused at my age, I swapped it even-up for a glock 43 late last year. The ruger was nice, but the glock actually gets used.

Fwiw, a screenshot of the results of the 22/45, an old sig mosquito, and one of the aa conversion kits:

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