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m-14/ m-305 scope choices

Does anybody have a suggestion for m-305/ m-14? scope? . something that can take the pounding of the action, 1-6 power and a simple recticle.
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I've been a fan of Leupold's low-power variable 'Shotgun' scopes for a long time, but the only ones I know are 1-4, not 1-6. They can be had with a normal duplex reticle or a heavy duplex. I prefer the heavy.
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Recommended to me by those who know was a Bushnell Elite Fixed 10x 40. These are actually really great rifle scope for the money. I picked one up for my Norc M305.
I also spent big on A.R.M.S. scope rings and bases. In fact, the scope, rings, and rail cost more than the rifle, and I'm totally okay with that! No point having stuff that doesn't work when you need it too.
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miculek uses a $1000 1x6.


the issue is, have they improve that "T" mount, mortised into the side of the reciever? that's a half assed way of doing things, for a fact. You have to have a hardened steel mount for that, and a steel scope tube, too. The 308 just means you're lugging around a lot of weight for nothing, can't conceal it in the pack, cant have a handy pc with a suppressor, can't have a .22 conversion unit. just all in all, a dumb choice.
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During the late '80's, I had a TRW M14 from 1 or the 2 batches that NM rifles were picked out of. At the time I had a Bushnell Banner 4x scope with BDC fitted. Nice shooting on organized ranges out to 500 yds, but I was never happy with either the 1st or 2nd gen scope mounts.
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I know it's a whole different deal but there is a maker or was of M-14 receivers with integral mounts.

However I'd probably go with the ARMS #18 or one of the Smith Enterprises mounts.

Scope? Maybe a Burris 1-6 XTR.

I used to have a 3-12x one on a NM SA INC. M1-A .

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