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Garand 02-19-2019 03:09 AM

New Army rifle offers more versatility in combat

There still is a place for the 7.62x 51mm NATO round.

John in AR 02-19-2019 07:35 AM

It's more versatile in that (in the right hands) it can do more, farther, than a .223, but to me personally it isn't worth the trade-offs in weight and bulk. I get why certain applications would warrant it, just as certain applications warrant a .300 win mag or .50bmg. But in my daily life, and even in my life as an infantry soldier more than 35 years ago, I'd still rather have the lighter weight and greater at-hand ammo of the 5.56 version. May be because of carrying my own load as an 11B grunt, but the weight savings is a huge deal with me.

That said, kind of like a SAW, grenade launcher, or those kind of things; one or two guys in a unit carrying one could be a good thing. But as with the SAW or M203, I just don't want to be that guy. I'd rather spend the weight on ammo, water, and tylenol. :)

Garand 02-19-2019 07:42 AM

I spent 13 years hauling the FN C1A1 in 7.62x 51mm around the world before I spent the next 15 hauling a piss poor imitation of a toy from Mattel around. I like the ability to reach out and touch with 147 grains better than 62 grains myself.

John in AR 02-19-2019 11:47 AM

If I were in an area with bigger threats (even the bear around here aren't much bigger than me) or with longer distances, I'd likely want a bigger caliber as well.

But for the average grunt as I was, I'd rather have the weight savings of the lighter caliber and lighter gun. Certainly wouldn't kill me to have to go with the 7.62 and I'd like having someone in my squad with one for that matter. To me it's kind of like the 9mm/45acp debates or rifle/shotgun debates. My preferred calibers are 9mm and 5.56; but if for some reason I 'had' to use a .308, 12-gauge, 45acp, etc, I'd not be terribly worried about it or anything like that. I just prefer the ones I've settled on because they manage to be very effective while still being very user-friendly.

John in AR 02-19-2019 11:48 AM

Crap - forgot I was supposed to call you a stupe and a lame for liking a caliber that wasn't based on a varmint cartridge... :dgrin::nyah:

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