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John in AR 01-10-2018 05:10 PM

Magazines for Ciener/Atchisson/Nordic
Fwiw, Black Dog Machine has a very good price on 15-round mags for .22LR uppers and conversions. They don't fit the MP22, but they fit most; including the Ciener/Atchisson and Nordic units.

They have mags from 10 to 50 rounds, but the best bargain is on 15-rounders for only $6.95. Just thought I'd pass it on in case anyone needs any.


BigBassMan 01-10-2018 07:17 PM

Thanks for the infro John, just ordered four to replace the 25 rounders that walked away in others shooting bags.

Terry G 01-11-2018 12:02 PM

What's the quality of the CMMG .22 conversion? I noticed Cabela's has them for around $200.00.

Garand 01-11-2018 12:28 PM

I have the CMMG (Echo) .22 Conversion kit, with Black Dog Magazines it runs flawlessly in my Armalite. The CMMG mag that came with conversion kit, leave a lot to be desired. Once installed in my AR Mag well, it took 2x 55 year old men 20 minutes to remove the mag from the mag well.

BigBassMan 01-11-2018 02:03 PM

CMMG is kind of a cheap copy. The Ceiner works everytime all the time. Have two an never had a Jam. Lots of time the Ceiner is on sale. They do not take Paypal unless it it when they put them on Ebay. If you call direct with a CC, will get it in a few days. I also use the 1911 one. Waiting for Browning one to come off backorder. Ceiner mags are high but are all metal. Whatever kind of conversion you get, have plenty of mags, you will need them, lots of fun.

John in AR 01-11-2018 03:38 PM

I'll likely end up buying one of the drums sometime this year, as I am SERIOUSLY wanting a set of musical target plates. I just discovered them a couple weeks ago (after I'd already spent my once-a-year gunshop money), and figure this coming christmas I may have them order me a two-octave set like this:

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