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Terry G 07-06-2017 05:50 PM

Mossberg 464
I have been fooling around with the .22LR cartridge for decades, but now with the myriad of different loads available, I realized the semi-automatics are too restricting. Sub-sonic, CCI quiet, Standard Velocity, etc. are mostly no go's with the semi's. I was browsing Cabela's and noticed this full sized "Western" Mossberg .22 and on an impulse, bought it. Seem's a solid gun, and after much sight adjustment I was getting 1 inch groups at 30 yards with no trouble. I tried the CCI Quiet's and they really are quiet and pretty accurate at the 30 yard range. I'm going to have some fun with this trying all those loads that semi-automatics spurn.

John in AR 07-07-2017 05:35 AM

I didn't know they made it in rimfire, I've only seen the standard version and the weird picatinny-rail equipped version. IIRC, those were in .30-30, but not sure on that.

Post how it holds up; I don't have a lever-action rimfire anymore and it might be something fun.

Terry G 07-07-2017 09:53 AM

After only a hundred or so rounds, I can only say that it's smooth operating and seems to have plenty of practical accuracy (I had to move the windage way left). Holds fourteen rounds and it feels right. I looked at the Henry, but it was a lot heavier and that bright, silver receiver turned me off. $200.00 more, too. Other than single-action revolvers, I haven't owned a "Western" gun in a long time. I'm going to be burning through a lot of .22's that I have accumulated before and after the "Drought".

John in AR 07-07-2017 11:52 AM

I may check it out; thanks. Last rimfire levergun I had was a winchester 9422M .22magnum, and I sold it in 1993 when we moved to Arkansas. It was a great-shooting gun - one of the most accurate rimfires I've ever owned, but back then the .22mag was a lot more expensive to shoot than .22LR and there was nothing in arkansas that it was legal to hunt with that the .22LR wouldn't work just as well for.

That was actually when I picked up my first magnum-handgun-caliber carbine come to think of it. I traded the used winchester even up for a new 16" Rossi .357 magnum at that show; same gun I have the red dot and suppressor on nowadays. I didn't realize I'd had that gun that long, but it's been 24 years now.

I haven't had a rimfire levergun since I traded off that winchester almost a quarter-century ago. May be time to start my Christmas list...

Terry G 07-12-2017 03:18 PM

Mossberg Pictures
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Well, here's what I have with the 464. The rifle has about 300 plus rounds through it. CCI Standard Velocity, Min-Mags, and Quiet. Also, Remington Golden Bullets, Blazer, and Thunderbolt. The rifle shot everything without any trouble. The Buckhorn sights are easy to pick up, but even with the rear sight adjusted as far as it will go, it still shoot's a 1/2 inch to the right at 30 yards. Maybe I'm being nit picky. It's certainly accurate enough for Squirrel's and such. All the different kinds of ammunition grouped well, and the rifle didn't seem to have a preference, which I am fairly surprised at. Most of my .22's shoot better with CCI and GB's. The Quiet ammunition IS quiet in the Mossberg and Ruger 10/22's. A BB gun like report to my deaf ears. It has a distinct "Gun" report in revolver's and semi-automatic's. It will not work the semi-automatics at all. The Ruger SR22 which is probably the most forgiving of light loads, gave a half-hearted attempt and a stovepipe. The Bersa, Ruger MKII, CZ Kadet, AA Glock kit didn't seem to have their slides budge. I question if the Quiet is good for anything other than target's at 40 Grains at 760FPS muzzle velocity. But for targets is just fine.

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