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justme 10-25-2016 05:57 AM

try it sometime.
rig up a 10"x 18" target on a remote controled toy truck, cause angling, crouching men offer no bigger target. Set up whatever rifle, scope, load, etc, you've got 100 rds for, at 300m. have a friend behind cover out there, manipulating the speed and angle of travel of the truck. Have another friend, carefully shooting no closer than a foot from your head, with a rifle, above and to the side, not kicking dirt in your face. Fire 20 rds as he closes to 200 yds, and SEE how many hits you get. :-) If you get less than 11, they were luck hits, cause a coin toss is the same as hit/miss. if you can't do better than 50%, you aint shyte, under said conditions.

this ignores the enemies who are sneaking up on you from BEHIND, or were already THERE, having moved in under darkness. You get to cheat, have ear protection, a good night's sleep, not eaten up with fever, diarrhea, dehydration, all cramped and sore from always laying in your hide, 24-7 like you 'think' that you'll be doing. :-)

BigBassMan 10-25-2016 06:02 AM

Now you want friends shooting at you! What is wrong with you?

John in AR 10-25-2016 09:27 AM

Good grief. If you're going to issue a 'rebuttal' to someone's post from almost five months ago, is it too complicated to at least keep it in the same thread?

I particularly love the "have a friend carefully shoot near your head" part.

And no, John, "hit vs. miss" isn't a 50-50, 'coin-toss' thing. Yes, there are only two possible outcomes (ie, hit or miss), but it's does not mean that a 50% hit rate is luck. If it's luck, then skill is irrelevant. If skill is irrelevant, then it can be done with your eyes closed. So close your eyes and shoot 10 rounds at a 400-yard target. You really think you'll have 50% hits?

Launching a rocket to the moon, there are only two outcomes - you either hit the moon or you don't. So blindly launch 10 rockets into space; you believe that 5 will hit the moon? You must, since you say 50% hits equals "luck"; and if 50% hits = luck, then luck = 50% hits.

If you duck into a spiderhole for a year, does that mean there's a 50% chance of some random wanderer accidentally stepping into it? It must; he either does or doesn't, so here again there are "only two outcomes".

I either win the powerball or I don't. Does that mean that if I buy a ticket I have a "50% chance"...? It must, because (once again) there are "only two outcomes".

Godallmighty, you're dumb. Sixth-grade prob & stat logic, combined with third-grade math; it's an awesome tool to have in the toolbox.

But it is the last week of the month, which is when you do tend to "narco-out" more than usual...

Jonnyuma 06-18-2018 02:02 PM

Howzabout I have the friend who's "carefully shooting no closer than a foot from my head" turn around and watch my 6... ?
Why am I shooting at someone 300 yds away? Am I murdering him for his supplies, or does that person pose some sort of a threat that me and my friend (the one so dumb he doesn't know that a single well-placed 40mm frag will kill us BOTH) can't just [I]avoid[/I]?
Is this some kind of an Audie Murphy stand-off? Defensive? Offensive? Why did I let my idiot friend talk me into this? He's annoying... can I just kill him and take [I]his[/I] supplies? Maybe saw off a leg to take with me... ?

Or is it just some intricate ammo-wasting bizarro excercise that you dreamed up to prove some twisted point? The point seems to be that the only hits made in a firefight are pure luck or chance. You do realize that men (and even some women) have been shooting at (and hitting) other men in battle for a couple of centuries. Just because [I]your[/I] sh*t turns to water when "targets" throw lead back, doesn't mean everybody else's does.

Have your "friend" bounce a few 122gr 7.62x39 pills offa yer helmet. Maybe even take a couple to the groin, shins, and/or knee(s)...
O sure, it'll probably blow yer balls off and make you walk funny, but you wouldn't be scared anymore.

What's the point, 'kid?

Old thread. New guy. Consider a noob bump.

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