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Just primed 209 .308 Win cases

Just finished priming 209 cases for the .308

I use a hand priming tool, so I do stuff in batches. These are the cases that I had to fully re-size with my SDB dies and then trim to spec.

they'll sit in the ammo can set aside for this purpose until I get the urge to throw powder and seat bullets, which probably will be pretty soon.

I'm running low on 4895, but found some BLC-2. It was supposed to be 4064, but they ran out before filling my order and asked if they could sub this.

Another powder I've not used, but it is very similar to the military powder. I should have no problem working up a load with it.
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So had a good range day, sighting in LPVO I put on my AR-10, and verifying my 308 loads.

Im happy with both. I’m zeroed for 300 yds.

The longer range spots were occupied, so I had to settle.

Now I have one more rifle for another day to get done. I put a 3x prismatic on my Sig 556, so I need to do it next. Probably won’t get to it before Jan or Feb. I have a December hunt and a February hunt to worry about first.

A rifle deer hunt and a handgun javelina hunt.
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Got a tracking number and my powder arrives Tuesday. Which is good for me
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Primed 500 .38 Spls today, will prime another 500 tomorrow. Saturday will stick powder in them and seat bullets, Sunday I'll crimp and put away. No hurry.
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