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Out of spec Ammo

I knew better, but did it anyway, neck sized a bunch of 7.62 fired in my FAL, and then tried to use them in my AR-10. Grrr. Now I have to pull the bullets and powder. Then run them all through my small base dies.

Just put them in my round checker, and yep, they’re all out of spec at the base.

Never neck size Ammo for an auto loader. I knew better, paying for it in time, energy, and probably some powder and primers...
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Ugh, I know it's a different situation but it reminds me of when I switched from a Rock River Arms LAR-8 to a SIG 716(the original piston operated one).
My old pet load for match grade ammo, that shot very accurate in all previous .308Win/7.62NATO rifles I owned wouldn't cycle in the SIG unless I had the port setting on "Dirty". So I bumped the charge up a little at a time until I was 1.5 grains over my old load. Thankfully besides functional it was still very accurate. But Sierra 168gr Match Kings have never failed me.
Still very very tedious.
Problem was I had to rework approx 1000rds I had already loaded.
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I've never gotten into reloading bottlenecked rifle stuff. I do save the brass from the two .308's, kept in containers based on which gun they were fired in, and may or may not reload it some day.

I shoot very little true rifle-caliber stuff other than AR & AK; .308 is the biggest rifle caliber I even own anymore and I shoot probably less than a hundred rounds a year of that. The quantity is so small and reloading straight-wall stuff is so much simpler, that I may or may not ever bother reloading the larger rifle stuff.
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I had that problem when I started loading for the M1 Garand I owned in the late '80's. I bought a set of small base dies and all was good in the world again.

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