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lee offers custom bullet molds, reasonable prices

so anyone could get a 230 gr #68 long nosed .45 swc mold. It would drop out of the mold at 100 grs or so if cast out of pure tin, too. I had such a mold made by Hensley and Gibbs, for what would be $1000 in today's money. Guys who still have some of those bullets have collecot's items. I sold several thousand of them to people, in 1980 or so.

I was casting bullets to pay the bills, set up in BigBassman's garage, Arganbright's wife was living with me at the time. She went in to use Joe's restoom and couldn't tolerate the way it looked So she spent about 3 hours cleaning it. Joe noticed this after a while, and went to see why she was in his house for so long. He came back out and said to me:"You'd better hang on to THAT one, John. :-) She was quite attractive, even into her 60s and really something else in other ways. She LOVED to pick up fired .45 cases, for instance. I last spoke to her in 2011 and she told me that she'd let her weight get up to 180 lbs and she's only 5'3". I dunno if that was the truth, or if she's since fixed the problem.
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