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AR trigger spring, fixes Lee 1000's weakness

the powder measure return chain is a horrible weak link in an otherwise pretty good machine. Nearly all of the other problems are fixed by sizing/decapping with a lee C press and re-priming with the lee autoprime. watch out, tho, small primers can flip over in the auto prime, so a pc of cereal box cardboard is needed to hold them flat. with hoppers on the bullet feeder and case feeder, you can load 800 rds an hour. but the separate primer step slows you down to about 300 rds per hour. You have to use sheet plastic to catch all of your brass at the range, so you dont get cases with primer crimps and case mouth burrs, too. I dont consider casting or loading 9mm worth the bother in normal times, but right now, ammo is quite expensive and hard to get. The Lee sizing/tumble lubing set up will process over 1000 bullets per hour and the propane fired plumber's furnace, 100 lb pot, side-pour ladle, and a pair of 6 cavity lee molds let you average almost 1000 bullets cast per hour. Saving $20c per rd and averaging 200 rds per hour means you're making $40 an hour, cash. That's not too bad.

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