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Reloading 5.56mm

Lately I've been in the middle of cleaning the basement and am finding all kinds of interesting things. Like 500x 55 grain 5.56mm FMJ's that I bought 13-14 years ago and still hadn't reloaded. I went to my lockup and checked my supply and found 200 fmj that I had reloaded 13 years ago. Well to make a long story short, I needed to break up the boredom so I spent the day reloading 300 on my single stage. Now I remember why I gave up reloading 5.56mm other than the small difference in cost. What a pain!
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It's amazing what you find when looking (or going) into places that have been unused for a while. When we moved in August, I found stuff that I'd been looking for and stuff I'd forgotten all about.

That said; loading AR rounds on a single-stage? Oy...

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