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45 acp

Anybody have a good load for 45 acp using a 255 gr. SWC or a 240 gr. SWC in a revolver? 240 is a custom mold made from a 255 machined down. Thinking about starting with 7.0 Unique. Weight should make it a good stopper compared to a 230 grain.
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Okay, I have a very recent BAD experience with LSWC in my 625. Last month I shot a mini Steel Challenge match (5 stages only). I had about 180 rds in moon clips loaded with 5.3 grains of W231 pushing a 230 grain LRN bullet . I thought I would get gamey so I loaded 250 rds of 200 grain LSWC with 4.7 grains of 231.

On the first stage, I loaded a moonclip of LSWC's and drew on the buzzer, I had 2 misses so I went to my belt for a reload, no joy, as were the next 3 moonclips I tried. I called a time out and went and changed guns to my S&W M66 and finished the match.

Later I figured that I had just got the taper crimp wrong, so I re-crimped them, no joy, so now that ammo will be practice in one of my 1911's. I now have over 400 .45 LRN's in moon clips for the next match, and will never use LSWC's in my 625 again unless it is just for plinking and I have all the time in the world to load!
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Heaviest I load in 45acp is a 230 cast flat point, and for that I use in the low 5's (5.1-5.3 iirc) of Universal or the high 4's (4.5-4.7 iirc) of Titegroup. I haven't used Unique in quite a while, and don't load that heavy a bullet in that caliber, so probably no help at all with your actual question.

Might check castboolits.com, handloads.com, or the Alliant website.

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