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weatherby rifles "jump" bullets 1/4" or so

that's one of the keys to their getting higher velocity. along with not being loaded to SAAMI specs and using a 26" barrel, they pick up 300 or so fps with these tricks. If you aint stupid about how deep you counterbore the muzzle of your .22lr barrel for the silencer and if you use a bottoming tap to get the tip of the silencer's threaded male stud as close as possible to the rifling, the bullet will have to jump at most 1/8". The bullet's already fully spin stabilaized and should have no contact at all with the interior of the silencer. So of course accuracy will be unaffected, unless the remaining rifling (say of a very short pistol) was less than 3", not counting the chamber. The bullets from Jennings .22lr pistol is are stabilized with less than 2" of rifling, because that barrel features marlin's microgroove rifling. The Iver Johnson TP22's barrel/rifling will not permit an internally threaded silencer mount to work.
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