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justme 09-07-2016 09:19 AM

same place long rang bs comes from
people and game are (of course) gonna allow you a couple of spotter shots, setting out wind flags, it'll be level, (ie, no gradiant to calculate for) the target will be fully exposed, erect, stationary. there will (of course) be no wind or mirage, no rain, snow, or fog,wont be _20f degrees, you wont be exhausted, starving, have dysentery, all those magical things will be in place when you NEED to shoot somebody. If you DONT need to shoot him, then why fire? And what do you gain by missing, him? he'll never be exposed again.

Military snipers are mostly scouts, calling in artillery or air strikes. They have a suppressive effect on the enemy's activity even when they miss. Military can (maybe) call in a belt fed, mortar, chopper, plane, arty on a sniper. Not the case for shtf. But if you want to whack somebody, you'd better not miss and you might well have to shoot several guys, very fast, and vanish into a crowd. you might well have to conceal your rifle just in order to get to a place from which you have a decent shot. You might well need subsonic and damned well WILL need a silencer in order to "get clear" after your shot(s) So the shot is likely to be at a mover, with bodyguards around him, at sub 200 yds and if you're smart and really want to get the hit, and have that hit be fatal, better be sub 100 yds, and hit him again as he hits the deck from your first shot.

Garand 09-07-2016 11:07 AM

And the fantasy continues........................................

Terry G 09-08-2016 03:15 PM

Your going to need to "hit" somebody that has bodyguards when it's a SHTF society breakdown? And you'll be carrying your wonder weapon in a briefcase? Why? How do you get back to your spider hole?

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