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justme 07-01-2016 03:54 PM

u can always put a pocket gun IWB, ya know
but the reverse is not true. Why would you NOT want the AP performance, two wound tracks, low recoil, high energy of the tumbling, sharp, hard cornered very light weight, very high velocity, solid copper, hollowpointed, segmented, hollowbased Split Nose bullet, hmm?

You're "deadeye dick", so your bullets go exactly where you intend, right? bs, you're just like the cops, lots of complete misses, lots of poor hits, at a mere 10 ft. So why would you not want to maximize the tissue destruction and shock imparted by each hit, hmm? Cause you're deluded that's why.

this idea that "I want my bullets to keep driving on the path that I intended" is a crock. If your bullet hits within 6"of where you intended, at a mere 5 yds, while you are being shot-at, you just got real lucky.

John in AR 07-01-2016 05:11 PM

[QUOTE=justme;233641]...Cause you're deluded that's why.[/QUOTE]
Rather than re-type it -

[QUOTE=John in AR;228545]...Your rant here got me curious, so I looked up ambien and trazodone; which you say you take. Side effects of trazodone include 'agitation, confusion, and hallucinations'. Ambien side effects include 'dizziness, irritability, and confusion'...[/QUOTE]

You brag about being a special kind of psychopath and you revel in the fact that you take prescription hypnotics and prescription antidepressants on a regular basis, and claim that [i]other[/i] people are deluded.

Ever notice the cyclical pattern of your behavior...? Goes from -
A - Polite & seemingly genuinely interested in conversing, to
B - Friendly-seeming sarcasm, to
C - Full snarky sarcasm, to
D - Angry, context-absent hostility, to
E - Several days of non-posting, then back to A again.

Sad part is this didn't even take looking up any posts or history. It's as blatant as a toddler's bath-time tantrums.

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