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cops can always quit & get a REAL job

the benefits of having (90 % of cops ) are far outweighed by the detriments. If you want to stop thieving, you shoot theives when they are caught. End of having to deal with THAT thief (and quite a few who know of him, too). What cops do is make you NOT shoot the thief, meaning more work for them later, and you should be "grateful" for wasting your money on them, along with still having a pos thief to worry about. Same for rapists, assaulters, etc. Why can't we just shoot them when they are caught in the act? Why CARE that such pos's got shot?
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watching Segel's first big movie while I was in prison, some pos (who happened to be black, like WAY too many pos's) say that if the pos in the movie was HIS son (making him super special and above the law, society's needs, etc) that he'd do such and such to the cop for threatening to kill the pos. I said, "if your son was a pos like THAT, you oughta kill him YOURSELF". first thing the punk did was look around for homeboys who'd help him jump me (he was new on the yard) and they were all looking away, like: "with HIM, you're on your own, bro". :-)
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Originally Posted by justme View Post
cops can always quit & get a REAL job...
So being a cop isn't a "real job"?

How about being a fireman?

Or a building inspector?
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Is a criminal a "real job"? What's your pension plan like?

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