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some cover stops 308, ya know

and a big piece of cover, you could fire 100 rds at it, assuming he knows to move around behind it, and you might never hit him. And all the time you are wasting ammo and focusing on ONE guy, what is preventing your being shot in the back by somebody else, hmm? What if all the noise calls in a dozen more enemies, from 3-4 directions.? it's audible for up to 2 miles, hundreds of men might hear it. They will be desperate, and many will be well armed, a few will be experienced/skilled, too. So you finally hit the guy, so what?

Basically, why fire at a guy that you can't see? he's no threat to you until he exposes himself, so why not just wait and hit him when he does so? cause you know damned well you aint fast at hitting such marks?
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  Arms Locker > Arms Locker > Reloading

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