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I found it to be a mistake to practice

(at A class levels of competition) with a weaker load, if you compete in .45/357 "major scoring" class. The last week before a big match, step up to full power .45 ball duplication loads, if you are trying to shoot in the major class, scoring aid/subdivision. IpSC rarely fires at less than 10 yds, whereas reality, for civilans rarely means more than 5 yds, Also, if you shoot minor caliber, which handicaps your score unless you get all A zone hits,

Also, after you've established your top speed for a given event (keep a notebook) slow down by 10% for your final week of practice. Cause peer-match pressure/adrenalin dump will cause you to go faster and if you're already practicing on the ragged edge of not getting all A zone hits, match pressure will blow you out of the top spot, maybe all the way down to C class scores.

I found a way to beat this, but it's going to remain my secret. :_)
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You might have been "A" Class in IPSC at one tome 35+ years ago, we have no proof of that, but since the standards have changed so much in the last 35 years, I don't think you would make "A" class in this century.

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