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John in AR 05-09-2008 02:43 PM

Very good price on Federal 9BPLE
All – Just a heads-up on a very good deal now available on this ammo, at Ammunition-to-go.

Federal 9BP-LE 115-grain JHP +P+ ammo, for $14.95 per 50, or $141.95 per 500. This stuff is usually back-ordered most places, but these people have it in stock; or at least they did a few minutes ago. I promise I left some... ;)

It’s packaged in Federal's black & white “Law Enforcement Only” boxes, but there’s no law (at least in my area) preventing private individual use. There’s only one load I prefer to it for 9mm defensive loads (the Winchester RA9TA +P+), but that one’s very hard to find online, and twice the price when you can find it.

For anyone not familiar with it, this Federal load is a VERY good load.

Ammunition-to-go's website for it:

Second best price I know of is Streicher’s at $17, which is still a very good price:

FWIW, Ammoman and [url][/url] both have it in stock, but at $25 a box, and cheaper than dirt is out of stock.

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