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Chinese Norinco .308 ammo?

I've interested in buying some of this Chinese made .308 Norinco ammo, but have been told that it hasn't been made for 10 years. Does anyone know what I can expect to pay for this stuff. One of the local pawn shops in town told me the other day that he thought he was getting a case of it. Any ideas on value....?
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Never heard of it. But most military .308, unless specifically match grade, will probably not be exceptionally accurate. I got a bunch of Hirtenberger stuff a while back and it's not all that great. And I thought Hirtenberger was a darn good name. Nothing I have can shoot anything like a "group" with it.

Probably good machine gun fodder, I suppose.........
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Well I've used it in the past.

My SAR-48 I had actually shot it very well. But I have no idea what the current market value would be. I think it used to average about a $1 more per 20rd box than 7.62x39. $3-4 a box maybe but that was around 15years ago.

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