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I have two .38 Special revolvers, one Taurus and one S&W. I still shoot them occasionally and have lent them to Family members who were learning to shoot. Plenty of people I know keep a "thirty eight" as they're home defense gun.
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I don't have any .38-only guns anymore; but I shoot a fair amount of the caliber. Two leverguns, one single-shot carbine, and two revolvers in .357, and shoot far more .38's than .357's thru them.

A decent .38 load from the carbines is ballistically equivalent to a .357 magnum from the revolver with even a lot of factory loads hitting 400-500 ft/lbs, so it's capable of quit a lot in my world. From the handgun, they only hit about half of that, but still can do quite a bit of real work if necessary. A .35-caliber bullet with 250-325 ft/lbs of energy could be a .38, a 9mm, or any of several other calibers.

Main thing I like about the caliber is that it's just simple. With its low pressure, brass lasts darn near forever (some of the brass I'm still using was given to me as once-fired by a coworker in the late 1980's), a pound of powder goes a long way, and bullet casting & prepping are simple. I shoot probably more .38's than I do .45LC, and I love 45LC for mostly the same reasons.
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More than some people think and don't forget that sometimes it's the combination of cartridge AND firearm type in addition to intended use that makes it viable.
One of my daily carry pieces is a S&W 442 Pro Series in. 38spl. It's handy when other firearms are difficult to conceal or carry safely. No snag and no Hillary Hole lock.

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