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microwave 07-09-2007 09:01 AM

Bronze to Polymer, A 'Midas' Touch
The Quest continues to discover a suitable substitute for lead (Pb) for home
made ammo. Refer to my posts and replies on Bronze Bullets in this Forum.

Bronze is costly and requires a great deal of heat. I have chased this concept
down and not found an easy cast-able metallic replacement.

Next, I will be researching the Tungsten (W)/polymer matrix which may be
more suitable for home efforts.

I haven't totally abandoned metal, but a strong and accurate bullet is the
objective.......can't be sentimental.

More later.


Rich Z 07-09-2007 10:21 AM

I think the issue has always been density of the projectile. The more dense the material, the more energy it will carry at longer distances. If that is not an issue in a gun to be fired for short distances, than anything will likely do the job. There are many debates over the veliocity/weight argument about which is best for a given goal. For home defense use, I believe a strong argument can be made for extreme high velocity with a light weight fragmenting projectile. As long as the projectile can penetrate about two inches or so before coming unglued, that will pretty much satisfy the criteria of being an effective home use self defense round.

So any material that won't fragment right out of the barrel, provide reasonable accuracy, and is relatively easy to produce should fit the bill. Personally, I would look at plastics. Perhaps even a solid teflon projectile.

neolithic hunter 07-09-2007 11:09 PM

well if you can figure out what the U.S. military is now trying to use for it core replacement you would have a start. after all we don't want the bad guys getting lead poisning. it would be so in-humain to do that to them, and as far as i'm concerned f#%ck the EPA and there decisions. :cool:

.45 COLT 07-11-2007 05:53 AM

KENT uses a Tungsten/Polymer for some of their non-toxic shotshell loads. The shot isn't available as a reloading component in the North America, is sold in England. The loaded shells are sold here. Somebody there might talk to you about it.



microwave 07-29-2007 12:20 AM

Bronze to Polymer, A 'Midas' Touch
Well no sooner than I acquire that warm fuzzy do I learn the DoA is back-
peddaling on Tungsten. Apparently new info regarding tungsten leeching into
the water table is showing some sort of synergetic reaction with other elements
and metals. Holy Moly, maybe I'll just make super tuff spit wads. Sh(insert
vowel)t! That would impact our Nation's forests! Dog dooty? Maybe that
would work?

I won't quit.........reinvestigating bronze only mixed with Bismuth. More later.


Rich Z 07-29-2007 12:23 PM

How about depleted uranium? Reserved for shooting terrorists only. Send the rounds overseas to the troops. Might help to solve the problems the nuclear energy dept has with getting rid of the stuff from the reactors at the same time.... :evilgrin:

brass hammer 07-29-2007 10:06 PM

"SIR-KNIGHT" :roflmao1: of the MICROWAVE 'roundtable' allow-me['iffin'you will] to 'lay-upon you certain "leap ahead INSIGHTS",,,[doot-doodle-ew/that's my trumpet]


neolithic hunter 07-30-2007 05:34 AM

i guess gold or silver would always be an option. a mite bit expensive but castable. :cool:

Rich Z 07-30-2007 11:52 AM

Well, the Lone Ranger could do it with his silver bullets.... :) I guess any bad guys that survived used the bullets to help pay the doctor bills for extracting them.....

brass hammer 07-31-2007 08:04 PM

[QUOTE=Rich Z]Well, the Lone Ranger could do it with his silver bullets.... :) I guess any bad guys that survived used the bullets to help pay the doctor bills for extracting them.....[/QUOTE]

ha!,'iffin' THAT was the case I myself would probably 'don a red-headed-wig'/dance a 'jig'[in a wooded A.O. ,,,MIND-YOU],, to 'draw a little-fire'. :dgrin:

Rich Z 08-01-2007 12:02 AM

I guess a lot of folks wondered where the Lone Ranger did his target practice.. Probably well worth while digging bullets out of the berm...... :)

microwave 08-03-2007 04:31 PM


Ah, yes the 'inert' radioactive element. I don't think Uncle Sam wants any of it's citizens
messing with that stuff. Besides, the DoA was hoping Tungsten would replace DU.

As for the rest, Hmmm........ The quest has been suspended as work has intruded on
my scientific endeavors. Perseverance is the name, beating California DoJ is the game.

More later.


microwave 08-11-2007 12:12 PM

Just passing by........Silver, Ag, should be reserved for medical use. It is one hell of an
anti-bacterial agent!

So, you shoot a ne'er-do-well with a Ag bullet, he/she survives and actually cures the
cretin of any internal infection.

Yup, Ag is NOT a candidate!


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