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Subsonic .308 for AR-10 SPR

Just ordered a new piece that was designed from the ground up to be a close support/SPR type AR-10. It's got a 14.5" 1:10" twist barrel and we're working on picking the right suppressor and getting corp stuff finalized and forms out shortly. Its supposed to shoot M80 Ball sub-MOA and M118LR better than .5 MOA.

Considering the fun paperwork, I probably won't see it for a while.

So, cutting to the chase, any ideas on what a cycling, subsonic load would be for this?

The Berger 210gr Bullets look the most efficient and stable ballistics and barrel twist considered. I also know that I should be using magnum primers so that I don't get double detonations. I probably shouldn't use any fillers because I don't want crap in my can. From what I can tell, VV N530 is a decent powder for this application. Any better suggestions?

Where should I start? I've read a fair bit online and haven't unearthed a modern load. Also, I really require this load to cycle reliably (in this, I may be asking too much).
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