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CCI/Speer brass also made by Federal, Starline, etc.

I've noted, and an e-mail response from Speer's "ask the expert" confirmed, that CCI- and SPEER-headstamped cartridge cases are also made by Federal, Starline, and unspecified others. Speer's expert replied "I do have a CCI/Speer Engineering drawing with the coding system that you mention. We manufacture some of our own brass, but not all. We occasionally buy brass from a few sources such as Federal and Starline and such. This is considered to be 'propriarity' information by our company." Likewise, Independence (*I* -headstamped) brass is made by Federal, CCI/Speer, and Companhia Brazileiro de Cartuchos (CBC/Magtech - Brazilian). I'm looking for more information on CCI/Speer pistol caliber cases. This is what I know so far:

FEDERAL - I first noted that some 45 AUTO and 9mm LUGER Speer and CCI Blazer Brass ammunition boxes were the same size and Federal boxes, contained Federal trays, and the brass weighed the same as and had several characteristics of Federal-made brass. Although printed with Speer or CCI trademark and colors; these boxes, trays and brass clearly came off a Federal production line. The brass in all cases, whether SPEER- or CCI- or *I*-headstamped, had a dot before the caliber, for example .45 AUTO or .9mm LUGER or .40 S&W or .380 AUTO. This single dot before the caliber identifies the cartridge case as Federal-made.

STARLINE - I've far fewer examples of Starline-made brass, and no boxes or trays, to base my conclusion on, but am confident - based on weights and characteristic deburred flasholes - that SPEER-headstamped brass with a colon between the digits and letters of the caliber, for example 45:AUTO or 40:S&W, indicate a Starline-made case. I even found a single nickel-plated Speer 50 Action Express case stamped 50:AE. As far as I can find, only Starline made nickel-plated 50 Action Express cases.

CCI/Speer - The standard Speer production brass, the majority of what I find, as well as some of the CCI Blazer Brass, have no dots and fall into two identical weight ranges per caliber. There is also a less reliable visual identification; in each caliber the base of the lighter range cases have a donut-like appearance, noticably sloping in toward the primer; the heavier range usually have a flat base but, annoyingly, some have a donut appearance, too. Weighing is the reliable way to differentiate them.

Independence - *I*-headstamped brass is made by Federal (dot), CCI/Speer (donut and flat), and CBC/Magtech; and packaged in at least Magtech and Federal-sized boxes and trays. CBC/Magtech-made cases are easily identified; the factory primed cases have a brass (not nickel-plated) primer indented with a truncated V. They're also highly polished and usually heaverier than the others.

I've also noted other variations in SPEER-headstamped cases: dots before and after SPEER (.SPEER.); dots before and after SPEER and a third in the caliber; a hyphenated caliber; and three dots in the caliber. Typically I have but a single example of each. Without a number of examples, boxes and trays, I won't even guess what manufacturers produced them.
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