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many survived Lo-v brain hit.

nobody survives a brain hit with Mach II loads, cause such a bullet splatters their entire cranium-load. It can also pierce soft armor, and still expand, which no slower load can do.

I was amazed to see that a 50 gr hornady SX hp, which blows up in a sparrow, go thru one side of a 1000 gallon scrap metal tank, 5 ft or so in diameter, and put huge protusion bulges on the far side. My friend's dad had bought it for scrap and my friend shot it twice with the Rem 788 that I left with him while I went to Basic in the Army. At the time, I was 18 and knew that this load put 1/4" deep craters in RR tracks, so I'd not have shot the tank with it it. I"d have expected the hole in the "front side" ,but the dent in the far side was a real eye opener. good thing his dad didn't expect to USE it as a container! :-)

I once lined-up 3 (unopened) soda pop cans and shot them (at a range of 10 ft, got wet). with that 3000 fps .222 load. It blew the first one open like a flower, cut the second one in half and only dented the 3rd one, but nearly penetrated that tank! i'd have thought that the bullet would have been vaporized as it penetrated the first side.
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