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when I was 16, I remember wanting a 1911 GI

or a 30c, or a garand. But honestly, after lugging around a govt model for a year or so, I couldn't WAIT to get an alloy commander and when I found out about the Officer's ACP, that was much better, once the alloy frame came out. Had to wait a long time for shorties like that in 9mm tho. .45 ammo just got so ridiculously expensive that it made no sense not to switch. I had to pay loaded 9mm ammo prices just for .45 components. So to hell with that noise. The $200 hit I took when I swapped guns, dies, molds, mags, etc. was paid for by the diiference in the ammo costs, in just a couple of months of shooting. i see guys talking about switching to 10mm, just cause there's a few boxes of such ammo on the shelves in that caliber. :-) What retards. Just pay 2-3 as much for primers and powder, and set up to cast bullets, that's all. Somebody has them for sale at that price. While you're at it, get 10,000 or more.

I had a match grade M1A in 1975, put a few thousand rds thru it, couldn't think of a damned thing to do with it, sold it for what i had in it ($400) Would be $4000 today, but I wouldn't give you $40 for one if i had to keep it, cause I still can't think of anything to do with it.

A guy I knew in litchfield had a 30C and man that bullet drops like a ROCK beyond 150 yds. I can't think of anything to do with it, either. Even as a house gun for the elderly. a Hipoint 9mm carbine, with a laser sight is a better bet than the 30 carbine and can be had for sub $400, brand new, or at least, could be before the virus. They are welcome at indoor ranges with lead bullet reloads and are very 'tame" for old codgers, like bigbass man, wont hurt his enfeebled old hands.

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Wow, 52 year old memories! Geez Melvin I don't know where you buy your cast lead bullets at, but where I buy mine, it is $80/1,000 .38, $80/1,000 .44, $80/1,000 .45 acp, $80/1,000 .45 Colt, etc. You were getting ripped off! Powder prices up here run anywhere from $45 to $60, pays to shop for deals, if your paying 2-3 times the amount, your really are being taken!

Well I had both a TRW M14 (2nd production lot, where NM Rifles were built from) and a Springfield Armoury NM M1A, I used them for both Service Rifle Matches and Service Sniper Match, I actually did quite well in the late '80's early '90's for 4 years in the Sniper Championships held in the Province of British Columbia.

As for the .30 Carbine, I'm hoping it will make a nice rifle for shooting 3 gun matches out to 100 yds. It is a GAME GUN for me. Beg to differ, my local indoor range prefers ball ammo to be shot in .30 carbine. Shooting lead indoors during the winter leads to elevated blood lead levels and shorter life span for the range filters.

Melvin, you must be a liberal, once again you demonstrate your lack of versatility and flexibility.
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Originally Posted by boati View Post
...a Hipoint 9mm carbine, with a laser sight is a better bet than the 30 carbine...

First off, I like 9mm carbines and (unlike you) actually own them and have chronographed ammo thru them. I currently only have two (a marlin camp-9 and a CMMG resolute); or three if you count the Banshee AR9 'pistol'. Four before I sold the JRC to a friend recently. Five if you count the ABC Rifles AR9 I sold off a few months ago. So no 9mm carbine hate here at all - I love the species and have praised it here often.

But "better than an M1 Carbine" for defensive use? Not a crack-smoking chance. Unlike you again, I have an M1 carbine. Had two of them before I sold one to a friend as well.

The only two advantages the HiPoint 9mm carbine has are the 'welcome at indoor range' thing and cheaper ammo; both of which are only relevant if a person wants to shoot a bunch recreationally, and the 'feeble old codgers' you're describing simply aren't going to do so.

On the indoor range topic, you're correct about the 9mm being welcome at some indoor ranges where the .30C isn't. Want to hazard a guess why...? Because the 9mm carbine is so much weaker than the .30 carbine is. The 9mm from a carbine will typically about equal the .357 magnum from a handgun, and sometimes around .41 magnum levels with the hottest of loads; from around 450 ft/lbs up to 740 at the top end shooting 9BPLE +P+ ammo. The .30 carbine will roughly equal a .44 magnum power-wise, around 875-900 ft/lbs.

And the best part? The .30carbine has about the same muzzle blast and even LESS recoil than a blowback 9mm carbine. The M1 carbine is a locked-breech, gas operated system and I've had mine shot by people as small as an 8-year-old niece.

So your recommendation for a home defense gun for someone that's old & frail is the one that's both less capable AND harder-kicking? A gun made by a company that has repeatedly changed its name (Haskell, Stallard, Maverick, Iberia, and now HiPoint) to avoid honoring its 'lifetime' warranty?

That advice is a prime example of why I take the time to correct your sermons the way I do, John. It's the kind of thing that goes beyond the realm of stupid into that of actually dangerous, and could endanger anyone inexperienced enough to actually latch onto your 'advice'.

A HiPoint better than an M1 carbine for a home defense gun... Holy god in heaven.
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I admit, I have a 9mm JR Carbine, take down model with a red dot on it. Fun to shoot. Uses Glock mags. Stays in bag with a spare Glock19 an loads of loaded mags in back seat of truck.
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I liked my JRC, and only sold it after getting the banshee. It was fun and functional but couldn’t say no to a friend who really liked it & offered to buy it.

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