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Terry G 01-01-2017 11:02 PM

Match up of AR-15's
A crew of AR15 lovers met to raise a few glasses and show off there toy's. Mine were considered "Minimalist" with just an old Colt scope on an SP-1, original sights on an SP-1 Carbine, and an e-otec sight in a Colt LE 6920. No forward grips, flashlights, bipods, paddle buttstocks, or titanium hand guards, The most decked out AR weighed in at just over 18 lbs.

BigBassMan 01-02-2017 03:32 AM

Yours sound like the way to go. Those mall ninjas hang all that crap all over a gun then never shoot it much less get it dirty! More money in optics, lazers, lights, batteries, handles, etc thaen gun is wroth.
Your "old" colt scope can come off an be carried in a pocket. Should have asked them if they could have hit anything at 100 yards with iron sights! Most could not even find them!

BigBassMan 01-02-2017 03:51 AM

Don't get me started on some of those so called flash hiders/ muzzle brakes, FordPerfect has some ungodly looking thing hanging off the end of a barrel that the blast knocks my spotting scope over from a bench away.

Gotta have the latest an greatest tactical junk made!

Garand 01-02-2017 08:49 AM

KISS Principle: Keep it simple stupid!

John in AR 01-02-2017 03:31 PM

[QUOTE=Garand;270321]KISS Principle: Keep it simple stupid![/QUOTE]
And... Save... Steps...:laugh:

This is my main carbine. More accessories than some people like, but a lot less than some others.

Each piece of crap on it has specific reasons behind it:

Foregrip - does make for faster follow-up shots, but as I don't like big heavy crap on the gun, I use a very minimalist one.

Red dot - faster for initial and follow-up shots both compared to the much-loved leupold 1-4 compact scope I have on several other guns; so a red dot is what's on my primary gun.

Fold-down backup sights - backup for the dot. Batteries die, electronics die, glass breaks, etc; and I don't want to be suddenly without sights.

AAC qd suppressor mount - don't always use a suppressor, but like having the quick on & off it provides.

WML weaponlight with IR mode - don't know about anyone else's locale, but where I live it's dark half the time. The light addresses that, and with the flip of a switch it becomes an infrared illuminator that works in conjunction with head-worn nvd.

One day, may put a dbal on it to get IR laser capability, and move the wml to my spare gun; haven't taken that plunge yet though...

FordPrefect 01-03-2017 07:19 AM

Pass-and-Pump or a case of barrel envy..?
[QUOTE=BigBassMan;270313]Don't get me started on some of those so called flash hiders/ muzzle brakes, FordPerfect has some ungodly looking thing hanging off the end of a barrel that the blast knocks my spotting scope over from a bench away.![/QUOTE]

The Rock River AR equipped with the subject flash suppressor was recommended by BigBassMan.. (To an old Heart-player, this would seem to be another example of pass-and-pump.)

BigBassMan 01-03-2017 07:45 AM

The rifle is ok but the flash maker is junk! Did you even know that it screws off an can be changed?

ethereal 01-04-2017 07:13 AM

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Many quality railed handguards weigh less than standard plastic handguard assemblies once the change in related hardware, such as the Delta Ring assembly, is considered. Many rails also don't have full length rails throughout, and allow for attachment where you need them or static implementations in places that make sense. No idea why anyone would use a titanium handguard, since 6061 alumium is common and even magnesium alloys can be used successfully; the ones I've seen are either very thick walled and heavy or so thin that the material can't achieve typical properties.

Seemingly like John in AR, I'm a fan of handstops and AFG's. Picture attached for how I use them as opposed to a gangsta / vertical grip, and how between monopoding the gun on the magazine and using the handstop to bite into things, I've gotten away from bipods.

As for what's on your gun, just do what makes sense for what you're doing. A lot of people buy guns to blow money on them (kinda like boats :P) and while that's their choice, it doesn't usually make sense for running the weapon and doing stuff.

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