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Terry G 12-20-2016 01:09 PM

Who shoot's corrosive?
And what cleaning method do you use? I was doing my ammo inventory and found a lot of corrosive stuff that I just didn't shoot because of the extra cleaning work. (LAZY) A thousand or so 9X18MM and probably 3600 8MM Mauser, a couple thousand 7.62X39, and some 9MM that is questionable. I have some Old GI bore cleaner, milky looking stuff, that appears to be still good, I don't know the shelf life. Anyway, what do you use?

Garand 12-20-2016 05:10 PM

No corrosive at all in my ammo lockers

ethereal 12-21-2016 05:58 AM

I don't shoot much corrosive anymore, but when I do I just use di-hydrogen monoxide. The serious, heavy duty agent known as water.

For quite a while I thought ammonia was relevant to this issue, it's not. The corrosive agents create similar-but-different concerns even though not all vectors and materials are the same; the bottom line being you get alkaline attack and the corrosive particulates and product salts of surface reactions are hydrophilic (both often leading to rust). This means that you can go ahead and react or dissolve all of the material with water instead of with your bore and working mechanism, then clean regularly.

gripper 12-21-2016 08:46 PM

I still run a lot of surplus Combloc stuff(7.62x25&7.62x54R)...and I still have a case of Chicom copperwashed steelcore 7.62x39.
Yes,I clean immediately and thoroughly; irrespective of chrome bores .

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