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saw 3 leatherslaps, Columbia.

MO, in the late 70's, when timers were rare. Dunno why they are not done a lot more today! (bunch of chicken****s is my guess, tho) 2 were open wear, the one I designed and managed was from ccw. the average ccw time for a reaction, draw and hit on 18" x 24", at 10 yds, from a variety of hand start positions, was 2.2 seconds, and that was with allowing bs "concealment", like hanging open jackets. Quite a few went over 3.0 seconds, because they missed 2-3x.

If I'd required realistic concealment, from under a shirttail, sweater, fastened coat or sweatshirt, the average ccw draw and hit time would have been 2.5 seconds or slower. The average open wear draw and hit was 1.6 seconds but only one hand position (surrender) was used, which is bs.

My ccw match was 40 rds, the other 2 were 10 rds only. Guys were allowed to fire half of the shots with the SAME rig, same position, same gun, but with the concealing garment removed. In the other 2 matches, speed rigs were allowed. In all cases, I saw MANY misses and a few DQ's, from firing a shot closer to the shooter's feet than 6 ft). Often, when a guy missed, he didn't immediately fire again! :-)

So I've seen about 120 attempts of really fast draw while under peer pressure.. It's about as hard to (reliably) hit a 10" chest circle at 10 ft, as such a large rectangle at 10 yds, too. Most people are VERY slow for the ccw draw and hit. A truly fast man can start at the same time as the average guy,, react to the start signal, ccw draw (from under a shirt) and hit 5 separate men ( a yd apart, 10 ft away) before the average guy can make the same sort of ccw draw and hit one. The top hand gets the first one in about 1.0 second, then 1/4 second each for the others. It happens so fast and is so shocking, that if it was for real, most people would think that a bomb had detonated.

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