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Garand 08-14-2016 04:50 PM

I wonder if it comes in airsoft?

Just what you need to defend your spider hole!

Terry G 08-15-2016 01:09 PM

$8,000.00? For what is really a heavy, belt fed AR-15?

John in AR 08-15-2016 01:34 PM

And there's a waiting list for those things... :laugh:

As Terry said, it's basically an uber-heavy AR that weighs 17 pounds [i][u]empty[/u][/i]. Loaded with 200 rounds, it's what; 23 pounds or so...? If someone wants one, more power to them; but to me it's like getting on a waiting list to buy a wheelbarrow with a hundred pounds of steel permanently welded in the bin.

None for me, thanks...

BigBassMan 08-15-2016 03:11 PM

You need all that steel in the assault wheelbarrow!

John in AR 08-15-2016 03:23 PM

I wasn't going there... ;)

justme 08-16-2016 07:42 AM

wifey can group 2" at 20 ft, NRA style, with either hand, airsoft. She learned to do so in an hour, took longer to teach her pivots and point shooting, again with airsoft. group shooting with .22 handgun came easily to her also. Working on fast draw with airsoft.

justme 08-16-2016 07:45 AM

bought a timer from "ru ready". She's working on speed stuff with airsoft.

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