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Terry G 07-11-2016 06:53 PM

Just for the record
LSA, Lubricant, Small Arms, was issued with GI Bore Cleaner for maintenance with the M16 starting in late 1967. It was not issued as a cleaning agent. Basic Training Small Arms Qualification did not have a Night Fire Phase or a Quick Kill phase in the 1970's. Night Fire was taught as was Quick KIll (with BB guns, no sights) but it wasn't part of the Basic Training Qualification Course. Those courses, fired with the M-16, were for Advanced Infantry Training, not Basic.

BigBassMan 07-11-2016 07:20 PM

When I was in basic,1966 we still used the M14, did not fire the M16 till AIT, when got to VN,was issused a 45, also had a model 36 Smith I took along an a grease gun ana M2 carbine I picked up over there.

justme 07-11-2016 08:05 PM

we did a little bit with the bb guns. the quick kill part was just at 10 yds, no movement. I hit a few of the tossed up targets with the bb gun. terry, we've seen dozens of times how ignorant you are. why keep on piling up your bs? wanna bet me that I can't reach dozens of vets who DId fire as I've stated above? in Ait all we shot was the .45, 50 rds of it, and we were supposed to fire the M60, but got rained out. we all "qualified anyway, tho.:-) army's a joke. the guys were using lsa to "clean" their firles cause that's all they HAd. guy's like terry would leave their rifles dirty, not having had sense enough to buy some cleaning solvent. My squad corporal sniffed out my Hoppes and insisted that he give me some. :-)

Terry G 07-11-2016 08:13 PM

You also posted a copy of your DD214 that said you qualified as a Marksman, the lowest qualification score. So no one in your Basic Training Brigade shot Sharpshooter or Expert? What Army were you in?

Garand 07-24-2016 06:09 PM

Actually, Melvin qualified as "Expert" on the M16 & Grenade. Just checked his form

Terry G 07-25-2016 12:05 PM

Something wrong. He said himself the only grenades he handled were tossed over a berm. Hardly qualification. Maybe two different DD214's? Is the typing the same all the way through the document? Although illegal, fake DD214's were a cottage industry not long ago.

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