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20 rds in 20 seconds, need to clean M1a bore

or 10 rds twice that fast. If you do not, you'll see groups spread and or POI shift, at 500 yds or so, enough to miss a torso. So much for having both real accuracy and rapidfire, (ie, you do NOT really) have more range than an M4 has, scoped) even tho you gave up all the advantages of the M4.

also, so much for being at risk while swapping calibers, 223-22lr. that takes just 10 seconds. it takes you 10 minutes (or more) to clean the bore of an M1A, and you can't look thru the bore, as you can with an M4, either. Changing barrels, btw, in an AR is a snap. It's a horrific pita with the M1A.
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