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there were 2-3 million indians here, pre Columbus

that's all this place could support by foraging and primitive farming. there were no HORSES. AFTER the Spanish brought horses here, it was feasible to take the bison,travel widely, haul the teepees, access many more resources.

The dummies didn't even realize that they needed a tab for their fingers and to hold the STRING, so they could draw a bow powerful enough to take large animals! DUH. You can't draw much more than about 35 lbs with just thumb and forefinger. So all the Indians could do with bison was try to sneak up and use spears, or now and then, with perfect conditions, use fire to stampede bison over cliffs.

if shtf, 3 million will once again be all there's resources to support. So there will be a 99% dieoff. Sprouts and non hybrid seeds,etc, might, MIGHT be able to save a few million more, IF the diseases give them a "pass".

Stuff we don't normally even think about, like typhoid, bubonic plague, leprosy, Typhus, gonorrea, syphillus, whooping cough, dyptheria, lockjaw, goiter, yellow fever, Rocky mountain spotted tick fever, Lyme's Disease, rabies, hepatitus, etc, will kill millions of people, once the bugs and animals are uncontrolled, trash, dog packs and dead bodies are everywhere, and people are weakened from stress, cold, hunger, fever. The plains, dry grain fields, dry pine forests are going to burn, as will the cities. There will be nothing to stop it from happening. It will be hell on earth if much of anything happens. Millions will just suicide in a month or 2, when they see the reality of shtf. 30 million will die the first month over fires, fighting, not having electricity. that's how many are in hosptitals, nursing homes, hospices, are weak, utterly dependent upon refrigerated drugs (ie, insulin)

Just look how many people are unable to give up booze, dope and tobacco, ferchrissakes! They won't last a month, either, without their chemical "buzz" to overcome their depression. You can WISH to "bug in" all you want, with dead bodies, garbage, rats, fleas, and dog packs around. The dogs will smell you, your water and your food. They will hang around, marking you for the looters. You'll have to shoot women and kids who are begging to be let-in, etc. Not me, jack. A hole in the ground, a laptop full of survival info, solar charger and lots of sedatives for me, let most of it just blow over. Killing people means dead bodies and dead bodies mean either lots of work burying them, or lots of hassles from leaving them to rot. You can have my part of that bs.

Once nearly everyone is dead, the disease vectors will (mostly) be gone, and it will be a lot safer about being sniped, pursued, ambushed, having your stuff stolen, too. Then some concealed plots of plants, especially (normally) wild ones, in the woods, scattered about, will make it feasible to have some food. You'll be able to make it to some nearby islands, which might well still have some surviving animals. Hopefully, all the fish in the sea wont have been poisoned by the chemicals.

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u can have all of this you WANT.

go ahead, "bug in". :-)
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Actually that is probably one of the better documentaries that I have seen in the last 10 years. I got it off the National Geographic channel a few years back. Very plausible scenario for a large segment of the unprepared population. On the other hand there are those that have chosen to prepare.

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