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nikto 04-25-2016 07:01 AM

as a kid, I got 3 very hard lessons about .22 handuns
I kept forgetting that guys could brace the things and use both hands. Once, I was 9-10, I bet all my money (4c) that a guy could not hit a frog I'd been stalking (with my slingshot) for days. it was about a 30 ft shot for him, braced on a tree. Then I bet my bro (mo money) that he couldn't hit my arrow stuck out in the yard. He sat down and braced, fired twice with High standard Longhorn, cut my arrow shaft. I'd worked an entire day to make that thing! whittled it out of a board that I'd split.

Worst of all, age 12, I bet my bro in law my summer's wages (about $30) that I could hit a qt can more times out of 10 tries, at 30 paces with my bow than he could with his Colt Huntsman. He sat and braced it, missed once. i did very well, considering my ben pearson bow and wooden arrows, I hit it 6x. He was pretty surprised, but still took my money.

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