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only idiots would buy guns with rails. pistols, that is

stick that thing Mexican carry ONCE and fast draw it, and you'll know why I say so. :-) same thing with those dumbassed slide serrations on the front/sides of the slide. wtf are they there for? why can't you use the ones John Browning provided? those goddamned things will peel the hide off of your belly or thigh, man. to hell with that noise. and no, you DONt always use a holster (or you don't belt carry much)

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Must have been invented by a Dr. who wanted to practice stitching.
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Originally Posted by nikto View Post
...and no, you DONt always use a holster (or you don't belt carry much)
Not to be argumentative, but I do use a holster 99+% of the time I carry, and I'm carrying if I'm not in the shower or in bed. The only time I carry without a holster is if all I have on me is is my pocket gun and stick a gun in my belt for that two minutes while going to check on something.
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The only time I don't use a holster is when I carry my LCP which is rarely.
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I've done so with the old " wire coat hanger trick".. And, I've seen some leather strips and pockets ( heavy canvas as well) into clothing and boot tops for " utility usage". Works well for a surprising range of guns..Think " Ghetto fabulous Bianchi Universal Strips".
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Pocket carry pretty much requires IwB while driving. Few IWB rigs are comfortable enough for people to always wear, (when gun is returned to the pocket rig.) the only time i've had a gun fall out of in IwB was when I could not find the one that 'fit" my .38 snub and I just grabbed the one for the 1911 and stuck the m60 in it. this was 1974 and I was building grain bins. I would spar with the foreman at lunchtime and when I did a face high side kick (exhaling to yell as I did so) the .38 fell out and bent the cyliner crane on the concrete. In today's money, that cost me about $300. :-) Between that, seeing a M36's hammer spur break off when he dropped it, hearing about numerous other drops and having a .45 fire in my coveralls pocket, I refuse to carry an SA auto cocked and locked unless it's got a beavertail to protect the hammer spur. the firing pin safety or not. I wish the latter had never been invented, cause they either weaken the ejector or weaken the extractor and firing pin to incorporate the damned things into a design.

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