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nikto 02-17-2016 02:53 PM

effing SAD, man
I actually SEE people posting on forums who argue that over 3.0 seconds, for a reaction, ccw draw and chest hit, at 7 yds, is ok performance! What? the man can charge you, from a standing start, and stab you in less than 2.0 seconds, so your gun is no good at all to you, if you're THAT slow. IF you can react draw and hit, at arm's length, from hand in pocket, in .60 second or less, yo MIGHT be able to handle a gun who suddenly charges you, from 10 ft away. :-) guess how many men on the face of the EARTH are that fast (and have enough sense to use a front pants pocket holster and gun?) a VERY few hundred, at most.

nikto 02-17-2016 02:57 PM

for the IWB draw and hit, 7 yds, you should be well under 1.5 second. that's not that tough and yes, I do mean on an electronic timer, from surrender hand start, average of 5 tries, all chest hits, and you really should be able to do that with 90 and 180 degree pivots, to the left or the right. . 1.5 seconds aint all that fast. yet it's more than TWICE as fast as many "gun guys" are! 1.2 seconds is fast, for such pivot average. 3.0 seconds, with no pivots! that's like clowns "thinking" that a 25 second time for a 100 yd dash is "fast". off the mark by 60+%.

we have gotten away from leatherslaps, cause people are chickenshytes and lazy. When we had no $100 shooting timers, we had trouble telling who won such contests, so longer range, more shots types of contests evolved. But we don't have to stick with such bs. We DO have timers now.

Garand 02-18-2016 05:55 AM

You worry too much about time, and not enough about things that are more important, like physical ability, holster position, type of holster, type of firearm, amount of practice, etc. IPSC BS, will not keep you alive in real life.

The human body changes over time whether you think so or not. Tomorrow I start 9 days of shooting, with some of the best shooters IN MY SPORT, from probably 6-8 different nations and at least 45 states and I see the results of age has when I compare my timings against 16 year olds, 25 years olds, 35 year old, etc. That's why I choose to be realistic and chose an age based category, otherwise the only one I would be kidding would be myself.

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