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HEARD Canada really does have "reasonable" bonds

for offenders, they don't print you until CONVICTED. and you are allowed to post your own bond, no bondsman is required. So a "spare" ID and carry a bit of cash, and you need not go to prison. :-) Also, they spend 80K per year per prisoner and only a small % have to serve more than 2 years. The prisons mostly lack blacks and hispanics, so are pretty nice, compared to US prisons, which spend 30k per year, average on each offender and are well over half populated with such troublemakers. when you hear somebody screaming, odds are 90% that it's a black, 9% it's a Hispanic, 1% it's a white guy, and ZERO chance it's an Indian or an Asian, even tho the latter two groups are maybe 10% of the yard's population, they are QUIET.

also, Canada has no "conspiracy" laws. So if you are going to commit crimes, especially dope or money crimes, you should do so in Canada, not US. This post was just for you, Garand. :-)

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Don't believe every fantasy that you hear, we have a very large percentage of natives in our prisons. Most of them are not nice people, and our jails are over crowded. Least the times I was in them (with a rifle standing guard on the walls), when the guards went on strike.

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