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a member of this forum wanted to shoot

a critter with my scoped .30 Herret. I had it less than a month before dumping it, IIRC. The only chance we got together, a coon was fleeing across a field, nearly had become dark. He could not get a light and the scope on the critter fast enough, so I ran it down and shot it with my colt .22 1911 conversion and brought it back to him. then he blew it up with the 110 gr hp at 2100 fps. :-) same deal with my younger brother. He could not bring the Contender to bear, a cottontail was going up a roadbank, so I shot it with the .22 unit and he later blew it wide open with the Herret. :-) Squirrel hunting with Butch once, he had a Marlin glenfield auto, scoped. 30 ft away, a squirrel was escaping, tree to tree and Butch could not seem to fire, so my .22 unit barked a few times and I got the squirrel. But I have no practical experience. Just ask Garand about that!

a buddy gut-hit a fox at 100+ yds, using A M700 in 222. It was flopping around too much to be hit again from there, so I ran out there. I was 18, had the colt .22 1911. I tried to get my foot on the fox's neck, and I missed. He grabbed my pantleg, and I dumped 3 .22's into his head at true McGivern/Mickulek speed! :-) HAD to! Sheesh, in half a second, he'd have had my ankle and many foxes which are seen in daylight have rabies! Funny part was, I did this left handed, with almost no practice (with autos) using the left hand. Lots of practice with 22 revolvers, tho (in SA mode) left handed.

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