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1994, Feds spent 14mill$ on 2 buildings,

at El Reno, OK, to house 280 inmates, Several years in contruction, the concrete was cracking before the first guys ever moved into the place. Your tax $ at work.

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Stupid to spend that much money. Tents on a football field would work just fine. You just don't appreciate the good life you had behind bars with Bubba and Tyrone. At the rate you're going though, there will be a fine family reunion.


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If I was "Emporeror For A Year" prison would not be a comfortable place cable would be educationa(Discovery, TLC, History), TV time would be a privelge, education/job training would be mandatory(No participation, No release), drug treatment if required, food would be raised on site, and You wouldnt want to go back. Think of 4yrs of "Basic Training" in red phase, with no good behavior time. One maggot per cell, no gym time, and manual labor. No workee, no eatee, just enough to keep skin and bones together, more work= more food.

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