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I've averaged 20 posts a day here, for about

3 months. I brought this place to life, just like I SAID I would. there's enough topic threads here to keep the know-nothings busy for months. :-)

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Well thank you. But is it really that much effort to post without the derogatory comments I have to delete from your posts? If YOU stop, then that is one less person I have to try to keep their posting civil. I have already cut out the anonymous posting by unregistered guests as I was deleting most of those anyway.

So help me out, ok?
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Yep and they are on about how many different and original topics?

And how many are spin-offs of existing threads?

And how many of those are nothing but incoherent sentence fragments?

And how many are about you blowing your own horn like this one? ~>;-)
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And you have said nothing!

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