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1000 suckers might buy new xm8, 5000 more

might buy one used, afterthe initial buyers realize their mistake, 1000 sales wont justify the TOOLING to make a rifle, much less a factory. :-) 10,000 sales might not. xm8 doesn't do a damned thing, for acivilian, that an AR doesn't, and it WONT do many things that the AR WILL do, like win matches, take 300m prairie dogs, use a .22 unit. Millions of guys already HAVE an AR, or they want the low cost of a bolt action. So the XM8 has a REALLY tough roe to how in order to be a successful civilian rifle.

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I wouldn't buy one of the things myself either. Just don't care for it.

Already have enough .223 weapons as is.
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If someone wants a Starship Troopers gun, they'd be better off shopping in the toy section of Wal-Mart, than buying the XM-8.

But, if it floats their boat, it's their money.
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The XM-8 looks a lot like a 'super-soaker' squirt gun.

Knowing the FedGov and HK, odds are it'll be a cold day in hell that your average Joe Beercan will be able to walk into a gun store and find one for sale.

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