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50,000 Fed inmates, as many more State

inmates, are sitting in UNFENCED camps. Both the camps and the fenced prisons are STUFFED full. Now, let some silenced HP22's get FOUND in such camps,and the stories leaked to the TV stations, what do you THINK will HAVE to happen, hmm? KNOW how far you can throw such a gun and can, if you spin it around your head with a hunk of fish line, hmm? 100 yds, EASY. Know how HARD it is to spot such a gun, laying in the grass, if it's cammo-painted? Know what such a gun would be WORTH, "inside"? It's worth at LEAST 5 years off of your sentence, that's what. Know how boring tower-duty is? Know how easy it is to get within 100m of such places? EVERY New Year's eve, the camp inmates get REALwhisky. Somebody just sneaks in, LEAVES it where the inmates know to LOOK, that's all.

Others would LITERALLY give their left nut to shoot somebody inside a prison, and GET AWAY WITH IT. Put a pair of double ended, non-metallic handcuff keys WITH the gun, and SEE if it aint a BIG deal, dummies. SEE if you can keep the TV and Newspapers from publishing such stories, too. :-)

Just because YOU don't know enough to make sense of a given post, does NOT mean it's a senseless post, dummies.It just means that you don't KNOW enough to make sense of it,that's all. :-)

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I believe that most of those guys in those unfenced camps are short timers and those who have been convicted of non violent offenses. They would have to be absolutely nuts to pick up that gun and off somebody. A few might but most aren't stupid.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


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What does this have to do w/military style firearms?fftopic:
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Topics, like threads are purely arbitrary to GunKid. Rules, manners, and common sense are for losers.

Chaos and lack of discipline are the signs of Gunkids superior intellect.

don't ya know.


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