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1-2 quiet shots, from concealment, slip-

away, oil-spray the .22 pistol,hide it, blend in with the sheep. The can will take care of a LOT of the risk of any testing showing that you've fired a gun recently, count upon that. If you incorporate a slidelock, to keep the .22 auto from cycling the slide in the normal fashion, it will be "quieter", and even less risk of having a "nitrate" test show you as having fired a gun.

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James Bond fantasy.


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If you're so good at evading police, how come you never managed to do so?

Sounds like our local provacateur is trying to convince people a life of crime is the way to go.

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forensics have gone well beyond the nitrate test, and you may think that hosing down your gun with oil will fool them.

But like so many of your rantings, there's this slight disconnect with reality...

How's the resistance going?

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Stupekid leaves one hair fiber,

Stupekid leaves one speck of blood.

Stupekid leaves one fiber from his cloths.

Stupekid also sprays some of that oil on himself, and that lot of oil matches microscopicly to him and thus ties him to the gun.

Also any .22 pistol will still leave some power residue from the ejection port or cylinder gap on stupekid.

Stupekid also leaves footprints.

Stupekid also leaves fingerprints NEAR where the gun was found.

Stupekid... aw.. you get the picture.

Stupekid gets a late term abortion (death sentence.)
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Yo Melvin

DNA can be a beotch,...your living proof
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And stupekid, the JAILS are FULL of STUPEKIDs that THOUGHT no one saw them.

Stupekid didn't SEE the hidden servalance cameras here and there along his escape path.

Stupekid didn't SEE the police car up the street.

Stupekid didn't KNOW his escape path was blocked by an accident.

Stupekid didn't KNOW his escape car had a dead battery. Or he locked himself out, or lost the keys....

Stupekid didn't know he left a piece of paper, or his ID, or his shopping ticket...

Stupekid didn't SEE, doesn't SEE, can't SEE, and will NEVER SEE. And he KNOWS nothing of what can happen. And that is why he has been busted so many times.
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in this day and age, where the number of cameras, digital, video, film and otherwise are everywhere, it's rare when you aren't being photographed.

You are watched more than you realize, and it isn't necessarily big brother, but all of us with the cameras...


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